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Valves and Hoses

5046 Aluminum Vacuum Valve
Two-piece 500 F (260 C) industry standard

8825 Aluminum Vacuum Valve
Two-piece 500 F (260 C) multi-position quick disconnect

5255 Aluminum Vacuum Valve
Three-piece 500 F (260 C) industry standard

SS5700 Stainless Steel Vacuum Valve
Three-piece 1000 F (538 C) vacuum valve with JIC(AN) or NPT fittings

Shop Vacuum Hoses
Economical general purpose vacuum hose

Standard - Autoclave Hose
400 F (205 C)/200 PSI capable

Premium - Autoclave Hose
500 F (260 C)/500 PSI capable

High Temperature Autoclave/Hydroclave Hose
800 F (427 C)/1000 PSI capable with JIC(AN) fittings or standard pipe ends

Vacuum Hose/Valve Quick Disconnect Couplings
For room temp to 600 F (316 C)/200 PSI

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