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SUNGOLD®Coated Abrasive Products.

Sungold® company manufactures a full line of sanding belts, sanding sheets, sanding discs, rolls and related products. Service, quality and meeting customer needs are our guiding principles.

Sungold makes coated abrasive products for many different industries, including automotive, marine, aviation, wood floors, composites, metalworking, woodworking markets, glass and stone.


Sungold’s abrasives are designed for consistency and superior performance across a wide range of sanding requirements, from primary dimensioning of wood to precision finishing and polishing of metals. With more than 50 different construction formulations available in hundreds of shapes, sizes and joints, Sungold has the precise product for your most demanding sanding job and machine. Call us for more information and a free quote: 714-543-7824

Sungold abrasive product line

Contact us: (714) 543-7824