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Epoxy Tooling Boards

To meet the needs of a variety of tooling applications, epoxy tooling blocks and boards supplied by Trelleborg Emerson & Cuming exhibit a range of physical properties and perform­ance characteristics including:

  • CNC machinable with high speed steel and carbide cutters
  • Excellent dimensional stability to prevent tool deformation during high-pressure molding/fabricating processes
  • Exceptional smooth surface finish to virtually eliminate the need for hand-polishing of tools
  • Low density
  • Good compression strength
  • Good high-temperature performance to accommodate exposure to temperatures as high as 400°F (204°C)
  • Full range of thicknesses; boards measure 24 in. wide x 60 in. long x 2, 3 and 6 in. thick
  • Color and performance-matched adhesives and repair pastes.
Product Color Density, lb./ft.3 (g/cm3) Hardness, Shore D CTE, in./in./°F (cm/cm/°C) Heat Distortion Temperature, °F (°C) Compression Strength, psi (MPa) Description
TC-420 White 42 (0.67) 78 17x10-6 (31x10-6) 350 (177) 6,500 (45) High-temperature epoxy syntactic with excellent surface finish


46 (0.74) 78 17x10-6 (31x10-6) 450 (232) 7,400 (51) Ultra-high temperature epoxy syntactic with excellent surface finish
EP-678 Blue 42 (0.67)


18x106 (32x10-6) 250 (121) 8,200 (56) Low-density, high-strength epoxy syntactic
TB 650+ Green 42 (0.67) 69 21xlfr6 (38x10^) 232 (111) 6,600 (46) Premium-quality epoxy syntactic

* Castable companion material available * Manufactured in the United Kingdom

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