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Cutting Mats


Cutting Table Top

Mocathane Table Tops are made only from moca-cured urethane to ensure the highest quality at the lowest cost. The durability of MocathaneTM lends itself to most cutting methods and in particular to ultrasonic knives which can damage and, in many cases, cut through non-moca urethane and other rubber table tops.


Mocathane will not surface crack or curl due to aging.

Average service life of two to three years.

Self-healing characteristic reduce blade deflection from scarred working surfaces.

Suitable for use with ultrasonic cutting systems.

General Data

Durometer: 85 Shore A

Maximum Size: 4' x 20'

5' x 20'

(call for a quotation on your required size)

Standard Thickness: 1/4" (available in other thickness)

Color: Transparent Black (standard), Orange, Red, Yellow

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